• added optional lens flare
  • fixed caustics and VPS
  • added setting to control the output dithering bitdepth
  • improved global illumination
  • fixed visual artifacts on specular highlights
  • fixed foliage appearing too dark in regular kappa
  • added rainbows
  • adjusted clouds
  • fixed specular highlights on metallic objects
  • adjusted atmosphere simulation
  • updated ACES to version 1.2
  • reworked dynamic fog
  • added work in progress custom lava
  • improved fog upscaling
  • updated labPBR support to 1.3
  • improved cirrus clouds
  • improved normals precision
  • adjusted water volume and normals
  • adjusted auto exposure behavior
  • fixed water volume refraction
  • fixed innaccurate circle of confusion on depth of field
  • fixed vibrance
  • improved color grading
  • added optional vignette
  • corrected schlick fresnel used for reflections
  • settings translations
  • fixed end and nether
  • fixed signs when using labPBR
  • improved water caustics
  • enabled subsurface scattering on tallgrass
  • fixed cloud sunlight depending on player altitude
  • various internal updates and optimizations


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