What is the Kappa Shader?

It’s a shaderpack meant to achieve a realistic, but also “authentic” look instead of purely real-life-accurate visuals.

Why is it called “Kappa Shader”?

Idk the name just came up when discussing how I should call it and I stuck to it.

What are the features/effects that this shaderpack has?

  • dynamic shadows
  • wind effects
  • custom water
  • volumetric clouds
  • volumetric fog
  • 2d clouds
  • lens flares
  • reflections
  • resourcepack support
  • ACES tonemap
  • motionblur
  • depth of field
  • bloom
  • temporal anti aliasing
  • some more I forgot about right now

Where can I download it?

Kappa Shader Website

Kappa Shader on Curseforge

Any Requirements?

  • Optifine for 1.12 or newer (minimum required Version if F4 on 1.12)
  • Graphics Card or Integrated Graphics with OpenGL 4.0 support
    • GTX 1050/RX 560 or better is recommended for 1080p
  • Windows/Linux