Complete rewrite and internal redesign

  • vastly improved performance/visuals ratio
  • added anamorphic and star shaped bloom
  • added stratocumulus clouds
  • vastly improved clouds
  • internal optimizations
  • improved bloom
  • improved depth of field
  • improved fog
  • improved water and water volume
  • improved fake gi
  • improved overall lighting and sky colors
  • optimized volumetric clouds
  • added proper cloud distance fogging
  • improved weather
  • improved rough reflections
  • improved biome dependencies
  • disabled chapman lens flare by default
  • reworked settings screen
  • improved subsurface scattering
  • improved nether and end shaders
  • added optional sky earth shadow
  • pretty much everything else redone and improved too
  • removed pcss (temporary)
  • removed custom lava (temporary)
  • removed anamorphic lens flares (replaced with anamorphic bloom)

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Download: Kappa v1.0