New Features and Additions

  • added labPBR support
  • added godrays
  • added reflections
  • added weather support
  • added setting for torchlight color
  • added profiles
  • added the new “CE” Edition with Chocapic v3 matched colors

Improvements and Fixes

  • fixed specular reflection behind colored glass
  • improved translucency blending
  • update framework
  • various internal optimizations


Improvements and Fixes

  • adjusted coloring a bit
  • adjusted default shadow illumination
  • improved sky and cloud reflections
  • improved f0 behavior
  • optimized cloud raymarching
  • adjusted nether coloring
  • improved lens flare (CE)
  • fixed fog color mismatch on translucents (SE)

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Vanilla Plus 1.5.1

Vanilla Plus 1.5.1 SE

Vanilla Plus 1.5.1 CE

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