New Features and Additions

  • added support for labPBR hardcoded metals
  • added cloud shadows
  • added parallax shadows
  • added more mod block mappings (primarily harvestcraft crops)
  • added various settings for a finer control of the ambiance
  • added raymarched skylight on volumetric clouds
  • volumetric clouds now render until the horizon
  • added “fix” for light leaking in caves (only meant for underground-only maps)

Improvements and fixes

  • fixed temporal water issue on 1.13 and newer
  • fixed post-flattening double plants wind
  • reworked and vastly improved worley noise on clouds
  • optimized volumetric and layered clouds, up to 25% performance uplift
  • moved layered and volumetric clouds up to a default altitude of 1800/1600
  • fixed issues with indirect light on linux by force-disabling it
  • improved metal roughness behavior
  • changed default pom depth to match labPBR recommended values closer
  • improved volumetric and layered clouds shape and lighting
  • improved specular behavior
  • fixed issues with nether

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Download: Kappa 0.10.0