Complete Internal and Visual Overhaul

New Features and Additions

  • completely overhauled visuals and lighting colors
    • new tonemapping
    • more faithful visuals to “old” shaderpacks
    • improved volumetric fog
  • added story mode styled clouds
  • added simple fog option
  • added nether support

Improvements and Fixes

  • fixed various issues related to temporals
  • fixed water issues on 1.14
  • fixed linux compatibility
  • improved 1.13/1.14 block support
  • improved particle lighting
  • vastly improved performance due to pipeline optimizations
  • ??? (i cannot remember all that has changed)

Temporarily Removed features

  • realistic styled clouds
  • mac support
  • texture PBR support
  • option to disable usage of the resourcepack clouds

Permanently Removed features

  • ACES tonemap (permanently removed)

v0.5.1 changes

New Features and Additions

  • added support for labPBR resourcepack data

Improvements and Fixes

  • fixed 1.14 temporals issue
  • fixed block mapping issues
  • fixed spidereyes
  • fixed nether
  • improved specular behavior

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Download: Nostalgia Dev 0.5.1

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