New Features and Additions

  • added nether
  • added waving water
  • added setting for shadow luminance

Improvements and Fixes

  • fixed intel compatibility
  • internal optimizations
  • fixed translucency when above clouds
  • improved sunrise/-set transition
  • improved various colors on the soos edition to match seus v08 closer

v1.4.1 changes

  • fixed coloring issue on day/night transition
  • fixed wrong cloud color on sunset on soos edition
  • made night look colder in regular edition

v1.4.2 changes

  • fixed particle lighting
  • fixed enchantment glint

v1.4.3 changes

  • fixed some block mapping issues on tallgrass
  • fixed temporals issue on 1.14
  • fixed spidereyes

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Vanilla Plus 1.4.3

Vanilla Plus 1.4.3 Soos Edition

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