New Features and Additions:

  • added rain puddles
    • also featuring ripples
  • added support for nether
    • including reworked nether smoke and fog effects
  • improved custom lava
  • added detection for various mod foliage and metal blocks (biomeoplenty, harvestcraft, tconstruct, thermalfoundation)
  • updated labPBR support
  • proper wetness based porosity approximation

Improvements and Fixes:

  • fixed custom ice shading
  • improved sunglow when sun is behind horizon
  • improved texture light emission
  • fixed compilation errors on linux
  • disabled overlays on storage drawers since they are broken
  • improved cloud temporal sampling
  • fixed inverted water and ice normals
  • improved legacy exposure method
  • fixed some potential issues with temporals
    • perhaps also improves not fixed issues
  • improved day/night transition
  • fixed discolored item drops
  • removed rain puddles on snow (doesn’t make sense)
  • improved cloud lighting to be a bit more realistic in certain situations
  • slight changes to layered clouds

v0.9.1 Changes

New Features and Additions

  • colored VL (disabled by default, can be enables in fog settings)

Improvements and Fixes

  • fixed a typo in the localization
  • improved vanilla ao application
  • fixed incorrect metallic processing on labPBR
  • fixed enchantment glint
  • improved particle lighting

v0.9.2 Changes

  • fixed stained glass shadows on post-flattening versions (1.13/1.14)

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Download: Kappa 0.9.2