New features and additions

  • new approximated atmospheric sky
  • added option for atmosphere simulation for sky rendering (implementation based on Lee’s approach)
  • rewrote volumetric fog
    • overhauled volumetric fog coloring to match new sky
    • overhauled water volume
  • added global illumination
  • reworked shading pass
    • bilateral filtering on GI and AO for increased performance/quality ratio
  • subsurface scattering on foliage and certain blocks
  • new shadowmap warping (courtesy of chocapic13)
  • added rain puddles
  • added skylight diffuse
  • overhauled reflection pass
    • new method for rough reflections
    • better sky reflections
  • proper support for continuum 2.0 specular format
  • added non-cirrus 2D clouds
  • added parallax water waves
  • added options to render layered and volumetric clouds in quarter/half resolution to save performance
  • added setting to toggle “lighting only” viewmode
  • added potion effects “blindness” and “night-vision” (WIP)

Improvements and fixes

  • various performance optimizations
  • improved clouds
  • improved metal shading
  • internal reorganizations
  • fixed underwater fog at different sample counts
  • extended sky luma slider
  • more settings exposed to ingame screen
  • adjusted shadow illumination for gi
  • improved pseudo pbr
  • improved bokeh depth-of-field
  • pseudo pbr is now disabled by default
  • metal shading without resource pack no longer requires pseudo pbr
  • changed water coloring
  • potentially fixed NaN-issues on nvidia
  • fixed performance bottleneck in certain cases while on lower profiles

v0.7.1 changes

  • improved water normals and caustics
  • removed forced-legacy exposure on nVidia

v0.7.2 changes

  • added wind effects on double plants
  • fixed gbuffers_textured(_lit) on nVidia
  • reworked worley noise texture
  • tweaked cloud shape
  • optimized cloud multiscattering lighting
  • early out gi in lit areas
  • improved lens flare bokeh
  • fixed vanilla ao application
  • fixed artifacts on fog caused by shadowtex lod

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Download: Kappa 0.7.2