New Features and Additions

  • added basic sky reflections
    • also reflecting 2d clouds
  • added screen space reflections
  • added rain effects
    • affecting clouds, fog and wind
  • added wind occlusion
  • added support for nether and end dimensions
    • including special effects for these dimensions
  • added procedural bokeh depth of field
  • added static shadows for testing purposes (can only be enabled in code)
  • reworked water normals
  • added basic settings for water
  • added “pseudo-specular” calculation

Improvements and Fixes

  • gradient noise for static dithering
  • reduced white screen edges on motionblur
  • lowered default minimum exposure a bit
  • improved dither pattern filter
    • now using faster 9 tap gauss
  • sort of fixed fog density with high sample counts
  • internal code cleanup
  • extended settings screen
  • improved volumetric cloud lighting and shape
  • fixed sun-moon transition on clouds
  • fixed water fogging

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Download: Kappa Dev 0.4